Made from varying proportions of Rioja Alta varieties, depending on the year in question, but predominantly Tempranillo. Lengthy barrel-ageing for two years with periodic racking every 5 months produces a wine with more subtleties than there already were in the full-flavoured wine selected for Reserva treatment. The aromas and flavours on the nose and in the mouth are powerful, complex and indefinable after the long bottle-ageing. Cherry, peach, blackberry and other fruits combine with peppery spices and more aromas, including tobacco, chocolate and leather. The finish is complex and persistent.

Appearance: Our reservas are released at their peak, combining freshness and power. Cherry-red with tawny hints. On the nose: Balance and harmony are most pronounced. Fruit and wood mix well and are persistent, with a medicinal touch and a liquorice finish. In the mouth: Here the wine stands out from others due to its body, tannin and structure. At first it has viscosity, followed by opulence, breeding, and liveliness, ending with intense spicy touches. Powerful, long-lived and forceful.

  • Alcohol Content (% Vol.) 13.9%
  • Total Acidity (Gr/L) 5.1%
  • Volatile Acidity (Gr/L) 0.59%
  • PH (L) 3.67%

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