Very few wines, only the best and certainly not those from every vintage, can age in barrels for such long periods. Around five years’ bottle-ageing give these select wines the many subtleties that make them worthy of the highest classification in Rioja: Gran Reserva. Additionally, we are talking about the 2001 vintage, officially classified as “excellent”. The tawny tones around the rim indicate its age, and after a few minutes the nose opens up to reveal a complex and harmonious range of aromas. In the mouth: velvety and smooth, but long and persistent. Cedar, leather, fine vanilla and spices make themselves known at every stage. It can be drunk now or kept: its structure gives it further ageing potential. The finish is complex and subtle.

Appearance: Bright frank cherry-red with tawny touches.

On the nose: Both intense and subtle. The lengthy bottle-ageing has resulted in a predominance of neither fruit nor oak, but rather a complex bouquet of eucalyptus, different mints and liquorice after some time.

In the mouth: Rounded, easy to drink and balanced. More tannic in the finish. Agreeable and wholesome

  • Alcohol Content (% Vol.) 13%
  • Total Acidity (Gr/L) 6.21%
  • Volatile Acidity (Gr/L) 0.67%
  • Dry Extract (Gr/L) 35.30%
  • PH (L) 3.48%

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