Made with the Rioja Alta varieties of Tempranillo and Graciano. A complex yet perfect combination of oak and fruit. Deep but bright ruby-red colour with maroon highlights that from some angles seem tawnier – the result of barrel- and bottle-time. On the nose, vanilla from the barrels, along with other more complex aromas (cloves, nutmeg and other spices) are present. Full in the mouth with plenty of ripe fruit blended with noticeable oak flavours. Lively, with a long-lasting velvety finish.

This is the most complex and complete of our wines.

Appearance: Fairly intense ruby-red.

On the nose: Complex and penetrating. Wood subtly dominates over touches of black fruit and liquorice.

In the mouth: Noticeable fullness and range of flavours. At first rounded and unctuous, followed by a more powerful and tannic body.

Of all our wines, this is the one whose taste is the fullest and most pronounced.

  • Alcohol Content (% Vol.) 14%
  • Total Acidity (Gr/L) 5.10%
  • Volatile Acidity (Gr/L) 0.60%
  • Dry Extract (Gr/L) 33.40%
  • PH (L) 3.72%

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