Bodega Florentino de Lecanda

Breathe in the bouquet of a truly Riojan Bodega

Don Florentino de Lecanda, grape grower and winemaker from the 1940?s onwards, founded this bodega in Haro, the capital of Rioja wine. Don Florentino considered Haro to be his second home, and in many ways thought of himself as a true Riojan, a sentiment shared by the third generation of his family, who now run the bodega with the same family traditions.

From then on he played an important role in the world of Rioja wine, taking an active part in the management of two well-known local bodegas. After a lifetime involved in the world of wine, he decided to concentrate on wine-making and formed a bodega bearing his name, Florentino de Lecanda. It was to be a symbol of how to do things well, making only high quality wines which reflected his feelings and passion for the world of wine. The year was 1985.

The fame of Florentino de Lecanda wines is based on the perfect symbiosis between grape-grower and wine-maker and on the careful ageing which the bodega performs, with special attention being paid to the racking process. This is carried out in accordance with the purest of Riojan traditions, in order to bring about all the characteristics of the best in Rioja wine. The result is a wine born in the heart of Rioja, with a powerful heartbeat that can be felt across the bodega’s range of wines. The power of the land, tradition converted into science, and the character of a village, are bound together in its wines.

As a traditional, typical Rioja Alta Bodega, Florentino de Lecanda’s range maintains the classic spirit of the area in wines such as Florentino de Lecanda Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva, without forgetting the newer tendencies in wines like our recently launched designer wine CASUNE, made with the same dedication and love.